Whole-Home Dehumidifiers in New Orleans

Whole-Home Dehumidifiers Are Essential in New Orleans

June 30, 2022

New Orleans, LA is known for its vibrant music, spicy food, and intense humidity. While most residents and visitors enjoy the first two, few like the humid air. Whole-home dehumidifiers offer a cost-effective and efficient solution to maintaining a comfortable indoor environment. Let’s explore the ways whole-home dehumidifiers are essential to New Orleans homeowners.

Prevent Organic Growth

Moisture fuels organic growth. With microorganisms everywhere in the environment, all they need is a place to settle and some moisture. Any surface in your home, from drywall to door frames and cardboard boxes to cabinets can be colonized by organic growth. According to the EPA, using a whole-home dehumidifier is a good strategy for preventing organic growth in your home. Set the humidity level to no more than 50%. Be sure to schedule routine maintenance for the dehumidifier so that it works as effectively as possible.

Reduce Allergies

Mold isn’t the only allergen that thrives in a humid environment. Dust mites and pollen do, too. High humidity also fuels the growth of mildew, which releases a musty odor that may trigger your allergy or asthma symptoms. Using a whole-home humidifier could reduce your allergies and help you breathe easier.

Boost Comfort

Too much humidity makes your skin feel clammy. With a whole-home dehumidifier, your home’s humidity will be at a comfortable level around 40%. You’ll feel cool, and you may even be able to adjust your thermostat to a slightly higher temperature. This could help lower your electricity bill.

Protect Belongings

When moisture permeates certain items, they begin to rot. Your books, clothing, upholstery, curtains, important documents, cabinets, and floors could experience significant damage from excess moisture. A whole-home dehumidifier protects your belongings from decay and rot caused by high indoor humidity.

For more information about why whole-home dehumidifiers are essential in New Orleans, take a look at Express Heating & Air Conditioning’s indoor air quality equipment, or contact us any time.

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