Energy Efficiency with VRV Variable Refrigerant Volume Technology

Daikin VRV outside units providing heating and cooling

If you’re searching for an HVAC system that will keep you comfortable no matter the weather, VRV is an acronym to remember. Short for variable refrigerant volume, VRV can save you a bundle on energy bills too.

VRV Technology, Explained

Like conventional central air conditioning, VRV heat pumps use refrigerant to extract heat from the air. It’s the way the refrigerant is controlled and delivered that makes VRV units stand out. Instead of relying on ductwork for air circulation, VRV systems deliver air through individual air handlers connected to a single outdoor unit. VRV technology allows these ductless systems to vary the flow of refrigerant to each air handler so that you can maintain different temperatures in each designated zone.

Ductless heat pumps can keep you cool all summer and provide heating during the winter as well. VRV systems take it a step further. They can heat and cool simultaneously, capturing heat from the air in one area and moving it to another location. Remote controls make it easy to alter settings according to your needs and personal preferences.

VRV Energy Efficiency

It’s estimated that ductwork accounts for around 30 percent of the energy consumed by central-air systems. Delivering air directly into designated spaces is an energy-saving option. With no need to heat or cool rooms that you aren’t currently using, ductless heat pumps are some of the most efficient systems on the market. By providing the precise amount of heating or cooling you need at any given time, VRV systems win the prize for energy efficiency.

Additional Benefits for Homeowners

In addition to saving you money on your home’s energy bills, variable refrigerant volume technology offers several advantages over traditional residential HVAC systems. They’re ideal for homes where ductwork installations aren’t feasible. From enclosed porches to remodeled attics, they work well for point-of-use applications as well. With most of the noisier components located outside, VRV heat pumps also operate more quietly than other systems. Sleekly designed air handlers take up little space and won’t detract from your home décor. VRV systems also require little maintenance.

There are health benefits to VRV systems as well. In contrast to central-air systems, you don’t have to worry about airborne contaminants circulating through your home or office. Advanced filters in each air handler help keep allergens, bacteria and viruses out of the air you breathe.

Is VRV technology the right choice for you? Find out with a free consultation from the experts at Express Heating & Air Conditioning. Let our comfort specialists guide you towards the option that best fits your needs and budget. Our 100-percent satisfaction guarantee ensures you’ll be pleased with your new comfort system. Call us today!

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