Variable Refrigerant Volume in New Orleans, LA

How Variable Refrigerant Volume Technology Saves Money in New Orleans, LA

May 16, 2022

Almost every home and business uses refrigerators, and as a result, they can be energy hogs. As a result, many facilities are increasingly adopting variable refrigerant volume systems because they offer significant energy savings. Here is how variable refrigerant volume technology (VRV) can help you save money in New Orleans, LA.

Low Error Margin

The error margin is the difference between the amount of refrigerant used and the amount required for the proper operation of your air conditioning system. The lower the error margin, the lower the chances that your air conditioning system will need repairs. This keeps maintenance costs down, which means you spend less on your cooling system.

Greater Efficiency

VRV systems keep maintenance costs down by having fewer moving parts than traditional systems. This means that fewer things can break down over time and cause problems with your system’s performance or efficiency levels, which results in lower energy bills overall.

Innovative Technology

The system works by using sensors to monitor the temperature of each room, then modulating the flow of cooling fluid as needed. Instead of installing individual air handlers in each room, you can use a smaller number of larger units that use less energy than traditional systems. This results in lower costs for both installation and operation.

Easier Installation

This system can save money on installation because it offers ductless installation. You can install it in areas with no ductwork, such as basements or attics. The system uses a supply grille that provides cool air to the rooms it serves and returns the warm air to the central unit through return grilles located in each room served by the system.

Variable refrigerant volume technology is there to help save money and energy. It has been around for a while, finally making its way into the residential market. For more information on VRV technology in New Orleans, LA, call Express Heating & Air Conditioning today.

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