Air Cleaners in Westwego, LA

Air Purifiers vs Air Cleaners in Westwego, LA

August 9, 2022

Most air cleaners and air purifiers use a combination of filters to clean the air, but the type of filter distinguishes the two. In Westwego, LA, both of these devices trap and remove airborne particles but purifiers tend to be more efficient. This blog is a brief guide to the differences between air cleaners and air purifiers.

How Do Air Cleaners Work?

An air cleaner removes airborne particulates in a room by creating negative pressure. This negative pressure comes from drawing the room’s air into the machine powered by an external fan. The fan then creates an airflow of fresh, clean indoor air that draws in unwanted particles and expels them into the outdoors through exhaust ports.

How Do Air Purifiers Work?

In an air purifier, a fan is not used to create negative pressure in the space, but it draws air into the device powered by an internal fan and ionizer. A purifier uses negatively charged particulates that adhere to positively charged minerals and then releases them back into the room. This process is adsorption.

Air Cleaners vs Air Purifiers

Air cleaners and air purifiers can effectively remove airborne particulates from a room, but purifiers are better because they also eliminate gases and some microorganisms. Here are some of the differences between the two:

  • Air cleaners draw in dirty air from the surrounding environment, filter it, and then expel it back into your room, while air purifiers recirculate the indoor air in a room, removing toxins and allergens.
  • Air cleaners operate noisily compared to air purifiers that are almost completely silent.
  • Air purifiers can require additional floor space compared to air cleaners because they feature more than one filter.

Overall, air cleaners and air purifiers are both effective at removing airborne particulates, but purifiers generally work better by removing more than just particulates. Contact Express Heating & Air Conditioning and get the best of our cooling and heating services. We also provide commercial repair and maintenance services for businesses to ensure a comfortable environment for all your clients.

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