Common AC Noises in Harvey, LA

5 Common AC Noises and What They Mean in Harvey, LA

July 29, 2022

When you start your air conditioner in Harvey, LA, you don’t expect it to make loud sounds. When it does, the type of sound gives you a good indication of the underlying problems. Discover five common noises your AC may make, as well as what they mean.

Buzzing or Humming Sounds

If you hear a buzzing or humming sound from your outside unit, chances are it is the capacitor failing. This component holds the large electrical charge needed to kick the compressor on when it starts. As such, it’s critical to get your compressor running, but can wear out.

Rattling Sounds

Rattling sounds can be a few different things, including debris caught in the condensing unit fan. However, it could also signify something broken in the compressor that’s rattling, or even loose fan blades. If you hear rattling and there’s no apparent debris, call for a professional before it leads to a need for major AC repairs.

Hissing Noises

Your air conditioner uses a pressurized refrigerant that allows it to provide cool air to your home. A hissing sound could indicate a leak in your system, which can cause extensive strain on the compressor. If it’s coming from inside, it could become very dangerous for your health.

Rapid Clicking or Chattering

When your unit first cycles on, you may hear a single click from your thermostat, which is normal. However, rapid clicking or a chattering sound from the outside unit is a major problem.

This is the contactor going bad, which is what initializes the compressor. When it rapidly clicks, it indicates rapid short-cycling, which puts tremendous strain on your compressor.

Squealing Noises

A loud squealing noise from your outside unit indicates a major issue with the compressor. You should immediately shut down your unit at any sign of a compressor problem to prevent it from getting worse. Most cases of failed compressors mean you’re looking at replacing your entire outside unit, if not the entire system.

You can avoid many of the common noises your air conditioner may produce by simply maintaining your system. Don’t wait for your system to break down; call to schedule your annual AC maintenance with Express Heating & Air Conditioning.

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