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4 Ways Your AC Is Raising Your Electric Bill in New Orleans, LA

August 12, 2021

Although running your air conditioner might cause you to pay high electricity bills, the amount you pay yearly should be consistent. A sudden spike in your annual electricity bill can signal problems with your AC, and you need to address this issue immediately. Here are some possible reasons why the AC is suddenly causing you to pay high electric bills in your New Orleans, LA, home and some solutions to this problem.

1. Low Refrigerant Levels

Low refrigerant levels in the air conditioner will reduce its performance. The AC will then need to work harder and cycle for longer hours to cool your home.

Reduced refrigerant levels signal that there might be leaks in the air conditioner. You need to call an expert to seal off these leaks and add top up the refrigerant in the unit.

2. Lack of HVAC Maintenance

Neglecting to schedule regular AC maintenance services might cause malfunctioning of some parts, leading to system breakdowns. These malfunctioning parts will cause the system to work harder, hence using more electrical power. Scheduling regular maintenance appointments with HVAC experts will allow them to diagnose and fix the issues on time.

3. Dirty/Clogged Air Filters

Air filters work to capture dust and other indoor pollutants in the home. Failure to clean the air filters will cause dirt to build up, clogging the system, hindering airflow.

A clogged air filter causes the AC to take too long to cool your home, which causes your system to use more electric power. You should replace air filters every one to three months to save yourself from spending too much money on energy bills.

4. Leaking Ductwork

The ductwork in your AC system helps to deliver conditioned air to your house. Leaks in the ductwork will cause this conditioned air to escape, making your system run harder to meet the needs of your thermostat.

You should call a professional to seal off the leaking ducts to prevent excessive loss of energy. If you reside in New Orleans, LA, contact us at Express Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule all your air conditioning installation, maintenance and repair services.

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