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3 Benefits of Proper Home Insulation in New Orleans, LA

September 12, 2021

Insulation for your New Orleans, LA, home is essential to your indoor comfort. While most homes have plain walls and roofs for insulation, proper home insulation is key to your household’s energy efficiency. Read on to learn three key benefits of installing quality insulation for your home.

1. Increase Energy Efficiency and Save On Energy Bills

Working toward collectively lowering the carbon footprint of the world is a global objective. Our homes present an excellent start, making energy efficiency of utmost importance in your home.

Good insulation plays a great part in minimizing airflow and concentrating it in one area. The ability to prevent airflow is commonly known as the R-value. The R-value determines the level of insulation in your home.

Insulation effectiveness is higher with a greater R-value. Below are the factors that may determine how your insulation affects your home’s energy efficiency:

  • Thickness and density of the insulation material
  • Your location and the climate
  • The temperature throughout the year
  • Presence of moisture

Energy efficiency will also help you cut down on high energy bills. Homes that are properly insulated will keep temperate air in your home longer, saving on the costs of heating and cooling. You can make the world a better place and keep the extra cash.

2. Maintain Moisture Accumulation

Moisture flows around your home like air, affecting your indoor air quality. To minimize moist airflow, diffusion or condensation, it’s essential that you insulate your home. Insulation helps reduce the transfer of heat, in turn controlling the condensation process.

To effectively reduce moist conditions, hire professionals to install a vapor diffusion retarder with your insulation. This will also help you avoid aesthetic damages, such as moist wall stains. It’ll also help you eliminate biological growth.

3. Insulation Can Keep You Healthy

Cold air and moist conditions can aggravate health conditions such as sinuses, asthma and allergies. Your insulation may not directly keep you safe, but it plays an integral part in your indoor air quality and temperature.

Not only is insulation key to your comfort and lower utility bills, but it also is an excellent start toward eco-friendly living. Contact us at Express Heating & Air Conditioning for proper insulation of your home.

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