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If energy efficiency and cost savings are at the top of your wish list, this is the perfect time to invest in a new heating system. Today’s furnaces pollute less, boost comfort and produce more heat for less cost. The wide range of options in home heating allows you to select the right furnace for perfect temperature control. When you call Express Heating and Air Conditioning, we deliver the leading brands in HVAC, partnering with American Standard and Daikin for top-of-the-line equipment, cutting-edge technology, proven reliable and the maximum efficiency. Our installation specialists have the technical competency, product knowledge and experience to ensure long-lasting comfort.

Furnaces have significantly increased efficiency levels over the years. A gas furnace from approximately thirty years ago has an AFUE of about 65%. As of now, the lowest efficiency allowed by law for new gas furnaces is 78%. Express Heating and Air Conditioning provides our valued customers near total efficiency, offering models with up to 97% AFUE. By upgrading your furnace, you can potentially save $17 for every $100 spent on fuel. You’ll also be less likely to face inconvenient repairs, and should something go wrong, warranty coverage has greatly improved in recent years as well.

Man Cave with exposed Duct[Man Cave featuring exposed duct work]

Selecting an Appropriately Sized Furnace for Your Home

When sorting through the many options available, size matters a lot. The furnace’s specifications should exactly fit your needs. A too-small furnace won’t keep your house warm and comfortable during the Harvey winters. A furnace that is too large will frequently cycle on and off, putting excess wear and tear on components, wasting energy and may even cause temperature to vary uncomfortably.

To be certain of proper sizing and reliable installation, call Express Heating and Air Conditioning. Our certified technicians will take the time to calculate your heating needs according to industry standard, taking into account weather extremes, and the size, design and construction of your home. We’ll inspect ductwork, making sure it is clean and clear of debris, and take exact measurements for sheet metal fittings. If you are also interested in products that work with your furnace to improve indoor air quality, like humidification or UV treatment systems, our knowledgeable professionals would be happy to discuss options.

Our 30-Day Guarantee on Heating System Installations

Express Heating and Air Conditioning offers up-front pricing and written proposals that have guaranteed pricing for 30 days. While our staff has expanded, Express Heating and Air Conditioning remains a small business, and our team of highly-trained and committed professionals continue to bring the best solutions in HVAC to our friends and neighbors. Our team of highly-trained and committed professionals continue to bring the best solutions in HVAC to the Greater New Orleans area.