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You depend on your air conditioning to provide cool relief from the relentless Harvey summers. For a relaxing weekend, a good night’s sleep or family enjoyment, you cooling unit is an essential part of the picture. Like any appliance that carries a tough workload, your air conditioning requires some specialized attention. Cleaning filters every month is a big part of continued, smooth operation but for long-lasting comfort, your equipment needs specialized HVAC service. Call the experts from Express Heating and Air Conditioning for seasonal maintenance and let us make sure you cooling system is ready when you need it.

Through annual inspection, your air conditioner will cost far less to operate. Service from the trained professionals from Express Heating and Air Conditioning will add years to your equipment’s lifespan. By troubleshooting, we’ll uncover small problems before they turn into major malfunctions, and reduce potential repairs by 50%. That adds up to big savings.

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Filters, coils and fins all require annual service to ensure steady performance and efficiency. Evaporator and condenser coils collect dirt over months and years of service. Dirt reduces airflow and insulates the coils, degrading the unit’s capacity to absorb heat. Clogged condensate drains prevent your air conditioner from reducing humidity, resulting in excess moisture, which can lead to mold and mildew.

Our certified technicians will check the accuracy of your thermostat, test for refrigerant leaks, inspect and seal duct leakage, measure airflow, clean and tighten connections, oil motors and check belts for tightness and wear. We’ll perform a full-system cleaning and replace any components that are worn or broken to ensure reliable performance. Through a comprehensive tune-up, Express Heating and Air Conditioning will maximize your cooling equipment’s efficiency, saving money on energy consumption.

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Your cooling system doesn’t ask for much. A once-a-year tune-up by the specialists from Express Heating and Air Conditioning will prevent repairs, add years of life, lower utility bills and provide smooth, quiet, powerful cooling season after season. Annual service from Express Heating and Air Conditioning is a convenient, cost-effective assurance that your air conditioner will be in tip-top shape when summer arrives. Call our friendly, knowledgeable professionals to schedule maintenance. Express offers three HSP contracts see our maintenance tab at the top for descriptions. Don’t stress, call Express Heating and Air Conditioning.

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